How to Cover Exposed Pipes in Your Home

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Pipes are integral part of your home. They are the key to drinking water as well as drainage system. They are often exposed in our home which can ruin the look of your space. Take a look around at reputed hotels and restaurants, their space looks clean and fresh without any glimpse of pipes and other wiring. Not only, they prepare proper plans during the construction process, but they also use clever tricks to hide them. If you are planning for home renovation or to camouflage these pipes to avoid distraction from your decor, here are clever tips for home improvement tips to desirably enhance the look of your living space.

Use Wood or Paint

This is one of the clever hacks to hide exposed plumbing pipes in your home. Instead of hiding them, you can simply color the pipes to make them look beautiful. Just use a complementary color that is contrast to the walls. This also goes with the modern decor trends. If you have a single pipe installed on a wall or in a corner of a room, it looks even better.

You can also use plumbing fixtures or box those pipes. Paint the wooden frame of the fixture according to the color of your walls to enhance the look of your room.

Add Joints and Curves Where Necessary

Though your pipes can always be left uncovered (if they are not rusty), you can install joints and mold the exposed pipe fixtures. Make sure to get a professional help from a plumber so that it goes according to your home arrangements. This is also helpful as you can conveniently divert the flow of the installed utility pipes in your living space without any hindrance.  

Build Shelves Around the Pipes

This is one of the clever tricks not only hide the pipes but to make a use out of it. If you have the ones that run down vertically, they can ideally be used to build and support shelving. For fixtures, you can use wrought-wood or metal. You can place your collection of books, photo frames and other decorative items in that shelves. Also, you can even use them to hang towels or other types of household accessories if the arrangement is done in the right way.

Make Them a Part of Your Décor

If you have exposed pipes in your living space, the latest trend is to involve them in your home décor. You can make these pipes blend in by painting the same as the wall. Make sure to utilize the exposed plumbing pipes in different ways. For example, grow as a money plant, or a vertical garden around the pipes. People also tend to cover them with interesting wallpaper covers. You can turn vertical ones into fake trees and include branches and leaves near the ceiling.

However, make sure to turn off the water supply off before you begin with any work on the plumbing fixture. Also, check for any leaks or damage to your pipes before finishing up the rearrangement tasks. If you have any doubt, seek professional help immediately as your home improvement project may damage the pipes installed.

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