15 Bathroom Tile Designs in 2020, That will Amaze You!

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The bathroom is a very important part of our house. However, less preference has been given to this part of a house. We are going to discuss amazing bathroom tile designs trending in 2020. Mostly, we decide minimum space for the bathroom than other rooms in the house. Yet, bathrooms are used most frequently which serves as a fundamental hygienic function.

Therefore, interior design is very important for the bathroom. So, whether your bathroom is big or small, it must be relaxing. In fact, the looks of the bathroom always depend on tiles that you use in the bathroom.

Choosing tiles for the bathroom has always been a tough decision for everyone. We often are in a dilemma while choosing tiles for the bathroom.  Since selecting tiles depends on our choice and lifestyle therefore, we should choose a bathroom tile carefully.

Here are 15 amazing bathroom tile designs on trending. 


This design has a green toile wallpaper paired with a black floral floor tile. This pattern looks amazing in the bathroom. This design will provide beautiful vibes in the bathroom with its aromatic looks.


This bathroom is of a tiny house where owner white tiles on shiplap walls and on the hexagon tile floor which makes this bathroom look bigger.


Similarly, the design of this bathroom looks fresh and fun where the blue circled tile is on the bottom which matches the mirror so well. Moreover, white tiles look clean and help highlight all details of the design.


This fish scale tile is trending recently which looks so cozy and fancy as well.


This design contains plain white marble on the upper side and rectangular white tile on the bottom. Furthermore, the border in the middle helps to highlight all details.


This bathroom looks very simple. In fact, the combo of black and white is so classical, and plain white tile on walls makes the bathroom look bigger.


This tile design idea is on-trend nowadays which has a black floor with design lines. Specifically, its separation between rectangular white tile and plain tiles has made clear the subway on it. As a result, it makes the bathroom looks clean and high.


This black hexagon tile looks sophisticated and draws the eye upward to that stunning ceiling. This can a great choice for your bathroom.


This tile is often used in other rooms but it also looks beautiful in the bathroom too. In fact, a great combo of white and brown tile provides a special design for the bathroom.


The pattern looks great on floor. Moreover white wall makes bathroom look more wider than it is.


Blue wallpaper is just perfect on this design with white patterned white tile.


This design plain white on walls and brown lined tiles the floor which looks fancy with this design.


Floral wallpaper on upper wall draws eyes on upper part which make bathroom looks bigger.


This is old classical bathroom tiles design which has small hexagon shaped wall.


In this design, marble is used as a tile. It looks fancy and clean. In fact, a plain white wall with a line makes bathroom peace and clean.

These were 15 adorable bathroom tiles ideas. Hope you like this blog. What type of tile do you have in your bathroom? Which idea do you like most? Don’t forget to mention the comment. Furthermore, if you have some idea about bathroom tiles design please do comment and suggest to us.

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