How To Choose Right Curtain Colors As Per Vastu

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Nowadays, everyone is busy designing their own dream homes influenced by modern trend. Even though curtains are only some pieces of clothes, they are the main aspects of that dream house, which needs equal attention. In fact, sometimes small things can add value to make your space spacious. Curtains are not only to provide privacy or to control sunlight, it can add far more value than that. If you want to build your house according to Vastu Sastra, it is very beneficial to choose the right curtain colors as per Vastu.

Curtains may seem to be just a piece of cloth hanging over the door or window, but they have a great value on the lives of the people who live in the house. It is an object of happiness, peace, and harmony. So, it would be a wise decision to follow curtain vastu and choose colors and patterns of the curtain for the specific place of the house.

Here are some ways to choose the right curtain colors as per Vastu.

Colors of Curtains for Bedroom as per Vastu 

The Bedroom is considered as the most private part of the house, where one relaxes after a long day at work and enjoy their private moments. That is why, the color of the curtains of the bedroom should be very light and sober. In fact, colors like white, peach, and light blue are the best choice for the bedroom according to Vastu. Rose pink is best suited for the couple’s bedroom as it represents love. Furthermore, dark red color should always be avoided in the bedroom as it symbolizes anger. Similarly, avoid black color in the bedroom.

Colors of Curtain or living room as per Vastu

The living room is the mirror of the entire house which represent all the other room of your house. That is why, everyone tries to keep this space as beautiful and neat as possible. The correct color of curtains for the living room is chosen as per Vastu. They lead to add positivity and happiness in the family. All the colors which symbolize progress and peace are best for the living room as per Vastu. The best colors for living room curtains are beige, blue, yellow, tan, and dark colors.

Curtain Colors For The Dining Room as per Vastu

People believe that a family should have at least one meal together which preserves unity, love, and affection in a family. So, if the color of dining room curtains is according to Vastu, then they will add the joy of being together. Hence, according to Vastu, green, pink, and blue are the best colors of curtains in the dining room.

Curtain color for washroom: The color of curtains in bathrooms should be a blend of gray, pink, white, and black.

Directions and Colors of Curtains

Colors are those things that can influence the mood and behaviour of people. So, choosing the right color becomes necessary while choosing the interior of each room.

  • According to Vastu, North-West facing rooms should have curtains in white color. The color white brings peace and freedom to the one who remains in the room. It also lets sufficient sunlight pass through which is important for positivity. 
  • The curtains of North facing rooms should be light green. Green is the color of Mercury which influences the knowledge aspect of the residents. 
  • The rooms facing towards the West should have curtains of gray color. It brings in satisfaction and fulfillment amongst the inhabitants. 
  • South-East facing rooms should have curtains of red or pink color to invoke love and passion and North-East facing rooms should have curtains of yellow color to enhance optimism, self-confidence, and joy.  

These are the ways to choose the right curtain colors as per Vastu. Hope this blog is informative for you. Don’t forget to comment and share on your socials. To read more articles like this. Click here.

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