12 Places In Kathmandu Valley Where Land price is Less Than 10 Lakh Per Aana

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It seems that everyone’s dream of buying houses and land has not been fulfilled in the Kathmandu Valley due to high prices. However, leaving the inner city and reaching the corners of the Kathmandu Valley, one can still get land at a moderate price. In these places in the three districts of the Kathmandu Valley, pieces of lands are still available for less than 10 lakhs per aana.

1) Ichangunarayan

Kathmandu Ichangunarayan of Nagarjuna Municipality of Kathmandu still has land worth 8 to 10 lakhs per aana.

2) Kavresthali (Upper Part)

In the upper part of Kavresthali, in the Shantidham area, land’s price per aana is less than 10 lakhs per aana.

3) Upper Dahachowk

In Upper Dahachowk Kathmandu, land worth less than Rs. 10 lakhs per aana.

4) Matatirtha:

In Matatirtha, land which has connection to Chandragiri forest are cheaper than in other place. Land prices are 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs per aana.

5) Kirtipur

In Kirtipur municipality’s Bhattekpati forest area, land worth less than Rs. 10 lakhs per aana.

6) Tare Bhir

In Kathmandu, Gokarneshwor Municipality Suntakhan in the upper part of the sloping road connected to the ghaderi where land per aana is 8 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

7) Shankharapur Municipality

Jaharsingh Powwa of Kathmandu Shankharapur Municipality, Chowki Bhanjyang, Lapsefedi, Nanglebhare, and other places up to 13 feet roads land price is less than 10 lakh per aana.


Bhaktapur is a hotspot of real-estate nowadays. There are many places in Bhaktapur where you can find cheap land to buy. Though the main area’s land of Bhaktapur cost much, there are someplace where you can buy land in less than 10 Lakhs per aana.

1)Sudal Bhaktapur

Land of Rs. 600,000 to Rs. 10 lakhs can be found around Sudal in Changunarayan Municipality of Bhaktapur. Debendra Dahal, the manager of the township property, says that the land will be cheaper if a lot of lands are taken along the Goreto road.

2) Bageshwori, Bhaktapur

Changunarayan’s Chaling and around Bageshwori where road access is 10 to 13 feet land price is less than 10 lakh per aana.

3) Doleshwor

Around the Doleshwor Mahadev Temple in Bhaktapur, you can buy land in less than 10 lakhs per aana.


Lalitpur is taken into account the richest among the 3 districts of a national capital natural depression in sculpture, wood crafts, and fine arts. Though land in main areas of Lalitpur are expansive

1) Muldol (Chapagaun)

Lalitpur Chapagaun bus park in the distance of 500 meters to 1 kilometer in the area land per aana worth less than 10 lakh per aana.

2) Badikhel

In Lalitpur Around Badikhel, price of land per aana is 8 lakh to 10 lakh.

These were the 12 places of Kathmandu valley where you can find land in less than 10 lakhs per aana. Hope this article was informative for you. If you are about to buy, rent, or sell any real estate projects you can always visit

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