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Light it Up – Lighting inspiration for your beautiful home

Light it Up – Lighting inspiration for your beautiful home

The sparkle and dazzle of a well-placed lighting defines and enhances the mood of any room. In fact, the right fusion of your room’s design and colorful lighting can be a source of joy and energy. Your choice of lighting not only outshines you room, but also grabs attention for expression of art. Among many home lighting ideas, here are some that helps you express your personal style and evoke positive emotions.

  • Ambient Lighting: If you think of having contented level of brightness for your space without shimmer and shadows, ambient lighting is the perfect option for your choice. It provides overall lighting to your space, making it shine like a bright sunny day. It includes ceiling lights, chandeliers, pendants and track lights.
  • Focal Lighting: Focal lightening also known as task lightening, distillates glow onto a particular area. This kind of lighting is perfect for the space where you perform some specific tasks like cooking, reading, working and some others (Schafer, 2017). Focal lighting is especially important in studying rooms, where you need proper light to read. Think about mannequins used in tattoo studio or salon.
  • Decorative Lighting: Decorative lighting, the name itself tells its purpose. It enhances the mood of any space with bright and colorful lighting. This type of lighting is an expression of art that evoke positive emotions and brings smile in your face with your choice of lighting.

 1. Bed room Lighting

2. Living room lighting

3. Staircase lighting

4. Lighting design for reading table

5. Tubular led lighting

6. Wash room lighting

7. Washroom with chandelier

8. Classically designed bulb

9. Lighting for living room that includes hanging light and lamps

10. Lighting set up that matches with interior of living room

11. Sparkling lighting set up

12. Attractively designed chandelier for living room

13. Lighting for dinning room

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