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How To Prepare Yourself and Your Homes for Spring

How To Prepare Yourself and Your Homes for Spring

Spring is a season of creation and beauty. It is a season of galvanization for homeowners. Most parts of our homes are unused during winter, thus it a good time to give a look at all the nook and cranny that have been overlooked throughout winter.

Inspect Your Home’s Exterior:

Home Exterior
Exterior of a home

The exterior of your homes has been through a rough time for the winter. So, it’s time to pay your gratitude by looking at creaks and corners. Things tend to break all the time thus there might be a lot of repairing to be done. Just take a pen and pencil and note down all the things that need fixing. It might be anything from squeaky doors, window shutters to even AC units. A little tweaking here and there should be sufficient for your house to get going again.

Clean Debris from gutter:

Check for blockages in the gutter

We all like to sit in front of the fireworks in the cold chilling weather. Little do we know that the gutters have been pounded with debris all over the winter. It’s an important issue since you don’t want your drainage jammed.  It could be filled with leaves, twigs and other waste materials swept by the wind. All you need to do is take any gutter cleaning equipment and give it a go.

Clean the closet:

Closet, wardrobe.

There is a radical shift in the wardrobe during winter After the season bids farewell a lot of preparation is needed in order to get going once again. A closet is a good place for starters to change your items of clothing and meanwhile give it a wipe for a shinier look. You’ll hit two birds with one stone this way as you get your wardrobe ready for spring and also got a cleaner storage.

Windows and Doors:

Doors and Windows, House, Home, Interior
Doors and Windows need repair after a long winter rest.

Windows and Doors are often forgotten parts of our homes. If we look closely, we can see that there are stains and prints. Just take a paper towel or a piece of wet cloth. A little effort will give great results and make your home shiny and lively once again. Also, let the light in as it good practise to breathe some fresh air and feel the warm air.

Maintain Lawn:

Lawn Maintainence and Cleaning

The dry leaves and twigs might be scattered everywhere in the lawn. Yes, it was a cold chilling winter weather but somebody has to pile them up for disposal. Check whatever gardening tools you have, a broom will suffice and sweep those dry brown leaves to a corner ready to be dumped.

Clean and Maintain Interior of your homes:

Home Interior
Home Interior

It’s easy to notice the part that can be seen rather than the parts that are hidden from our eyes. The corners and places hard to reach: beneath furniture, under carpets are difficult to clean or even notice whatsoever. It will take a little time and energy but once you get rid of all the dust and dirt that piled up during the winter, you will feel a change in the vibe your room gives away.

Change your sheets and blankets:

Blanket, Quilt, Sheet
Lighter blankets for spring

Get rid of all those heavy, bulky blankets you been under for all of winter. Now it’s time to replace them with a more lighter quilt. Once you stuff accessories and replace them with thinner quilt and your beds should look ready for the spring.

Colour Shifting:

Spring Colour, Bright Colour, Vibrance
More Vibrant and Brighter colour selection for spring

We prefer darker and warmer colour for our rooms in the winter but spring is the opposite. You might wanna change all the beddings and sheets that you’ve been using throughout winter and replace them with more lighter and brighter colours. Orange, yellow, white sounds good, what do you prefer for your spring theme?

Here you have it, some of the basic tips to prepare yourselves for spring and make your homes look more season friendly and more lively.


BN Staff

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