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How to Clean My Space: 10 Simple Ways to Keep it Clean

How to Clean My Space: 10 Simple Ways to Keep it Clean

Are you fed up of seeing your rooms messy? Do you feel like cleaning it instant? If yes, than here are 10 simple tips for you to get it done. No matter how lazy you feel, no matter how much you hate cleaning, and no matter how busy you are, you can follow at least some of these tips to keep your rooms tidy.

1. Keep you drawers organized.

Unmanaged drawers are the main reason that makes your room untidy.  Keeping your drawers organized is a first step towards keeping your room organized. You can buy drawers from any home goods store, or you can make your own using small containers or even pieces of cardboard.

 2.Use clothing separators in drawers.

Just like smaller things in the drawers, clothes should be arranged too. Folding and stacking looks neat until you have to find something specific. You can also make your own for any clothing item to keep things in their place.

3. Use jars and small containers to store small items.

A lot of us leave small items out so we don’t lose them, or just because they’re small enough that they don’t have a home. But really, they should be stored somewhere to keep them safe from getting lost. Reuse old jars and glass containers to keep everything orderly.

4. Have a place for everything.

This is really an important step towards becoming more organized. If items have a home, you’re more likely to put them back there. Keeping things on dresser tops or spare drawers, make it look messy and cluttered fast. Instead, use bins, jars, drawers and shelves to get everything in a right place.

5. Store off season items somewhere else.

If you have a lot of clothes, you probably can’t fit all of them in your room neatly. There’s no reason to have winter clothes in your closet in the middle of the summer. Buy some cheap large bins and fill them with off season clothes, this is probably one of the best way to keep your room well organized.

6. Don’t put a lot of stuff on top of nightstands or such.

Having too many stuffs in every corner of the room makes your room look untidy. Many of us have habit of keeping our stuffs here and there. So, if you wish to live in clean space, you need to change your habit and keep minimal items on top of surfaces to look your rooms clean. Instead, you can keep those items on the larger size so they don’t look as messy.

7. Have a jewelry organizer.

Having loads of jewelry is nice, but it also makes a big mess so fast. Piles of jewelry get tangled and look bad, and they fall all over the place. Buy or make a jewelry organizer that will keep everything protected and clean.

8. Keep shoes out of your bedroom.

Shoes make a big clutter really quick because they’re clunky and get in the way of everything. If possible, keep your shoes out of your room entirely. If that’s not possible, buy or make a shoe organizer to keep everything in one place.

9. Put things under bed.

Putting the things under the bed doesn’t mean shoving things under instead of cleaning. Buy under the bed storage bins, or turn a shelf into under the bed storage. Put things like magazines or shoes or items you don’t use all the time under there. If it’s out of site, it can’t make a mess.

10. Throw things out regularly.

This isn’t preventative, but it takes only few seconds and should be done all the time. Throw things out as they become trash. Don’t just put stuff on the floor and think you’ll clean it later. Do it in the moment


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