10 Steps on buying homes

Analyse your money in order

  • Specify your income generating sources
  • Specify your mortgage property if you are willing to take mortgage against your property
  • Analyse your credit score

Consult Bank

  • Find the interest rate of bank
  • Get acquainted with the processing charge
  • Know about the valuation procedure
  • Compare between different bank interest and procedure
  • Tally with your credit capacity

Get pre-approved mortgage

  • Choose the best financial alternatives
  • Get approved for loan from the bank/financial institutions

Determine your needs and want

  • Be sure what you want
  • Land or Building
  • Individual home or commercial property
  • Road access
  • Locality and so on…..

Get help from real estate company

  • It is better to get help from professional
  • Find out registered realtor or agency
  • Get help from online real estate portals

Start hunting property (Home/ Land)

  • From online real estate portals
  • Newspapers
  • Registered (Agents/Agencies)

Verify the property (Inspection and test)

  • Analyse its structure
  • Age of property
  • Road access, drainage facility, water facilities
  • Locality
  • Price
  • Room
  • Access to public transportation
  • Legal document of the property

Identify best alternatives and avoid errors

  • Select best out of various alternative
  • Be sure about all the legal documents
  • Consult with malpot, banks and be ready for the deal

Legalize your deal

  • Once, you are ready; get help from real estate lawyer
  • Legalise the deal in written form attested by government officials

Close the deal

  • Now, you are ready to own the property you aspire without having any problem

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