An empty space is either big or small, everything else is the same. But, the same doesn’t sell. As a person who owns something, wouldn’t you want it to be different than the rest? There are many ways on how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. Interior Design and decor is one such element. Basobaas Spaces is solely dedicated to spaces that have unique design ideas and layout. Spaces talks about the inspiration behind the theme and interior of the chosen location.

Spaces is a YouTube series created by Basobaas Nepal. Mojo Boutique Hotel, a boutique hotel located in Mid Baneshwor was our first location for the first episode of this season.

The following interview is in regards to the video published on our YouTube channel.
Mojo Boutique Hotel, Basobaas Sapces

In conversation with Manish Dhakal, Managing Director, Mojo Boutique Hotel.

Q. What is the importance of interior design in hotels and restaurants?

A. Before establishing any place, the interior and design play a vital role. So, in terms of Mojo, it is all about luxury, style and refinement. We were inspired by the Middle East culture, which we have incorporated into our theme.

Q. Tell us something more about the design of Mojo.

A.  When a visitor walks into your space, the first impression is garnered through design and interior. As soon as you walk inside Mojo, you will enter the beer garden which has a different vibe and an eye-catchy environment. For the lobby, it is separated from the beer garden with not only the design but also with ambience. The furniture and the colour combination that we have used, compliment each other very well.

Q. How did you find inspiration for the design?

A.  I was heavily inspired by the Middle East culture and design. With that as an inspiration, the design was brought to life by Mr Bikash Rana.

Q. How has the design affected customer growth?

A.  On a busy day, we get a lot of customers for both the restaurant and the hotel. Because of the design, the customers are also involved in taking photographs. Overall, the interior of our space has helped in highlighting us.

Q. What is the colour theme of Mojo?

A.  Colour combination affects the mood of the people so it is quite vital. We have yellow and cream as our colour theme which is warm and inviting.

Q. From where do you import the interior materials?

A.  We try to use the local resources as much as possible. But if we are unable to find what we need here, we import it from abroad. The furniture here is from Mr Bikash Rana’s furniture house and also few pieces such as the elephant have been imported from Siliguri, India.

Q. Are you planning to make any changes in design in the future?

A.  We are trying to add a new space which will be quite different from what we have now.

Q. Do you have any messages to the audience?

A.  I would like to humbly thank Basobaas for their kind gesture. We have a hotel, garden and event space, so customers are welcome to visit Mojo in their free time. Mojo means a magical charm and we will definitely charm you. Thank you.

Basobaas Team would like to thank Mr Manish Dhakal for his valuable time and effort. The interview was quite insightful for us.

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