An empty space is either big or small, everything else is the same. But, the same doesn’t sell. As a person who owns something, wouldn’t you want it to be different than the rest? There are many ways on how you can differentiate yourself from the crowd. Interior Design is one such element. Basobaas Spaces is solely dedicated to spaces that have unique design ideas and layout. Spaces talks about the inspiration behind the theme and interior of the chosen location.

Spaces is a YouTube series created by Basobaas Nepal. Michael Grills, a restaurant located in Pipal Bot Marg, Baneshwor was our second location for the second episode of this season.

The following interview is in regards to the video published on our YouTube channel.
Michael Grills, Baneshwor

In conversation with Niraj Adhikari, Co-Founder, Michael Grills.

Q. What is the concept behind the design of Michael Grills?

A.  Michael Grills has an authentic touch to everything you see here. From the food to decor and design, we have tried to use our creativity and local resources.

Q. What is the reason behind the use of “Naanglo” as a decor piece here?

A.  Being a Nepali, I feel like everyone knows what a Naanglo is. As I have already mentioned, using local and traditional resource is our main motive, so that’s why we used the naanglo.

Q. Can you explain about the quotes in the Naanglo?

A.  Along with business, we are also moving forward with a social cause. The quotes are mainly targeted towards the youth encouraging them to spend their talent here in their home country rather than a foreign country. Change starts from oneself, and that is how we motivate the youths and the customers.

Q. What makes Michael Grills different than others?

A.  Our food, design, ambience and customer interaction is what makes us different from others. Apart from that, our parking system is inside the hotel so that’s quite unique.

Q. Do you plan to change your design in the near future?

A.  As per our customer’s feedback, we will try our best to change the features but will remain local based.

Q. What feedback do you get from the customers about the ambience here?

A.  As per the feedback from the customers, they say that they feel relaxed and love the good vibes that the restaurant has.

Q. Can you explain more about the lights and bar setup?

A.  We have always been intrigued to try new things. We ended up in Pashupati jungle area and collected some dead branches from there. We used our creativity and did a DIY with the light system. Talking about the bar area, we bought a few pieces from the scrap and got them painted. Others we bought the products from the market and used both the resources together.

Q. Any message to the audience?

A.  To the customers, please come and try our food. We are open to your feedback and suggestions not only for business but also for a social cause. We are located beside Apex College in Baneshwor. If you guys have any problem finding the location, we are also available in Google Maps. You can even spot out hoarding board. Lastly, I would like to thank Basobaas Nepal for initiating a new concept and spreading information about the ambience of the restaurants and hotels. Thank you so much for your support.

Basobaas Team would like to thank Mr Niraj Adhikari for his valuable time and effort.

Do you have any places that you think stands out from the rest? If so, drop your favourite place in the comment section. We would love to cover them for the next season!

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