Minimalistic living is slowly gaining its approach in this generation. But, how far can we go to living a minimalistic life when we have a pile of things in each room our house has. If you want to have minimalism in your house, you need to declutter! Well, declutter doesn’t only has to be because you want to lead a minimal life, but it also helps in getting unwanted and unused stuff out of your house.

Decluttering can seem a little overwhelming to anyone. We have things in our house that we think we need or might need in the near future. And then this is what leads to hoarding for future use. Gifted items, first buys, favourite pieces, we all are emotionally attached with them. Being emotionally connected with things becomes a hurdle in the declutter process. Everything that has emotional value to us doesn’t necessarily mean we need it. Try on our few tips to have a jump start to your declutter process.

Begin with the easiest area or the messiest one

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Decluttering can be overwhelming, so it is better if you choose a room or area with fewer materials and things. But, if you have a room which is the busiest with a lot of things, clearing out that space will make you feel accomplished and will motivate you further.

Set a time limit

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If you set a certain time to do anything, the possibility is you will complete the task in the set time. Similarly, if you set a time to clear out the room in a certain time, it makes you stay focused and not waste time unnecessarily.

Analyse the worth of items

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Every item you pick, you will feel like you need it and you will use it. But, don’t get carried away with that. Analyse and determine if the item is worth keeping. Ask yourself questions like “when did I use it the last time?”, “what do I use this for?”, “is it old and worn out?”. These and some more will definitely help you in analysing the worth of the item.

Gifts are not a burden

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We get gifts on almost every occasion. Even if your child passes an exam, you gift them something of their want. A useless photo frame, an irrelevant decor item, clothes that you barely wear, these all do not need to be in your house just because someone gave them to you. If you do not like it or have not used it, or it feels out of the place, you can always donate, sell, or give them away to someone else.  

Virtual Memory

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You have a box filled with your child’s toys when they were a toddler. Now that certainly will have a special attachment. But having a box filled with toys will serve you no purpose than just another box in your store. Click a photo, save it safely in a drive, your computer, online, the choices are endless.  

Recycle, Remake, Repurpose and Pass it on

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The item you bought might be for a certain purpose but, can be used for another purpose. You can always recycle and remake things. Also, don’t forget to pass the things to your friends and relatives if they still are in good condition.


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Rather letting things to rot, give it to someone in need. Always separate a pile for donation. If you think you and your immediate circle don’t need it, then give them away.

It is common to be emotionally attached to the things we own. It is hard to scrape away things that have value to us. But having emotional value shouldn’t overpower the actual value and worth of the items we own. At times, it is great to clear out and make space for things we really need and use.

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