Moving from one place to another is quite overwhelming. You don’t just pack a few things in your backpack and move. In reality, there is a lot to wrap, pack and throw or donate. From small things like fixtures to big things like furnitures, everything you own needs to be moved. Think it’s too much? Well keep on reading to be prepared for your big change.

1. Order or Gather Boxes, Marker, Duct Tape, Bubble Wraps

These are the basic needs when moving out. Get more than you need, cause you never know how much stuffs you have.

2. Label your boxes

At the end of the day, you will have to deal with a lot of boxes. The best is to label them with what’s inside the box and which room the box belongs to.

3. Golden Rule

The Golden Rule of moving is to pack heavy items in small boxes and light items in large boxes. Packing heavy items in large boxes means you’ll end up adding more stuff to that box and eventually the box becomes more heavier.

4. No packing on moving day

You shouldn’t wait till the last day to pack the last item or remove and clean the house.

5. Pack the items you need first separately

Separate a box with items that you will need first once you move to a new property. It can be toiletries or even bedsheets.

6. Wrap your dishes in bubble wrap

Never pack your dishes alone in a box. Always wrap them in bubble wrap to save them from breaking.

7. Clean the new house before moving in

Before you move into a new property, make sure you clean every nook and corner. It will be hard to clean once you have your things moved in.

8. Cover your liquid toiletries and makeup with saran wrap first

Liquid items can leak anytime! So before you put them in the box, wrap them in saran wrap and then close the lid to pack in the box.

9. Store small items in a sandwich bag

Sandwich bags are great to pack small items and even electrical cords like your chargers.

10. Take a photo of your electric wire settings before unplugging them

The cords behind your TV or router is not seen daily. So before unplugging take a picture of the setting so that you can easily set it back later.

11. Pack your clothes with hangers, makes unpacking easy

If you hang your clothes, then pack them along with the hangers.

12. Vacuum seal out your non seasonal clothes

When you pack your clothes in bags, there is enough air inside that makes the bag take more space. Vacuum the excess air and save space!

13. Hire professional movers to move fragile valuables

You might have an ancient valuable whose price is incomparable. Don’t risk it moving yourself, hire a professional team.

14. Take photo of your house

Photographs taken before moving in and after moving out are quite important. You can use those photographs for rental purpose.

15. Fill the nail holes with bar soaps

Don’t leave the walls alone with the holes from hanging the frames. Cover them up with bar soaps or toothpastes.

16. If you want to sell your valuables, list them on online sites a month prior to moving

It’s obvious that you won’t take everything you own to your new home. Instead of leaving them, sell them online! But make sure to list them a month.

17. Buy groceries that lasts upto to the moving day only

Instead of going overboard with lots of groceries, buy only what you need and keep it limited.

18. Defrost your refrigerator a day ahead and wipe all the liquids

If you are taking your refrigerator, make sure to defrost it 24 hours before moving and wipe with a clean cloth.

19. Fill an overnight bag with your most essentials

This is a personal bag with things you would need after moving. Can include your skin care products and makeup and other personal items.

20. Pack the heaviest items in suitcases

Use your suitcase and load them with heavy objects. Boxes won’t be able to handle the heavy weight.

21. Delegate tasks to your family members or friends

Give tasks to each member of your family. Call your friends to help move and load.

22. Declutter and check the expiry dates

When packing, always check the expiry dates of the products and throw if they are out of date.

23. Set aside a box for clothes to donate

Moving time is the best to sort out clothes that you can donate. Have a separate box for donation.

24. Pack room by room

Don’t start packing randomly. Start from one room to other. This way your things will not be jumbled.

25. Stuff your shoes and designer bags with newspaper

Own a pair of shoes that is favourite? Stuff them with newspaper. This helps in maintaining the shape of the shoe or the bag.

26. Measure everything

Before moving out, measure every space of the new property. This helps in your decision to either keep or sell your furnitures.

27. Use laundry baskets, trash bins as boxes

Make use of every thing that can store.

28. Wrap forks and spoons in plastic wrap

You don’t want loose forks and spoons making a mess. Wrap them before you pack them.

29. Label the boxes on the side

When you label the boxes, make sure you label on the side and not on top. This way you can easily spot the boxes even if they are stacked on top of one another.

30. Use rubber bands to keep pots and lids together

If you want to pack the pots along with their lids, use rubber bands to keep them together.

31. Get rid of things you barely use

Donate and Sell. Remember these two words when you plan to move.

32. Check for original boxes of your electronics

Electronics always comes in boxes. Some of your things may not fit in the boxes you buy later, so check if you have the originals one and use them.

33. Number your boxes

Not just labelling, numbering the boxes is equally important. One room may have more than two boxes.

34. Pack your plates vertically

When you pack your plates, make sure you pack them vertically instead of horizontally. This reduces the chances of breaking your plates.

35. Load boxes for the same room together

When you load the boxes in your moving truck or van, load the boxes from one room at a time.

Have other tips and ideas other than those mentioned here? Leave it below in the comments! We’d love to try them out. Also if you found this piece helpful, do share among your family and friends.

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