Guide on How to Buy Real Estate in Nepal

Guide on How to Buy Real Estate in Nepal

In Nepal, only Nepali citizens can buy real estate i.e houses and land. If you have enough capital to buy a property you can easily buy it. Buying your own real estate is a very big deal and it depends on the location of the property, area of property, quality and amount of money. So one should think multiple times before buying property so that there will not be any problem from any aspect. 

If you don’t have enough capital, there is another way to buy the property i.e. loan. If you are a Working Professional, Salaried Individual, Self-Employed Individual and in the age group above 25 years, you can apply for a home loan. Here are guides on how to get a Home loan in Nepal.

These days online real estate platforms are very effective. You can choose your property from your own place.  Due to the multiple choices available in the online real estate platform, people have more choices to look for with convenience and comfort. People can find the property of multiple areas from a single mobile. Since people can choose their property from any part of the world online real estate platforms is the easiest way to find properties. 

Can foreigners buy property in Nepal?

No, foreigners can’t buy land individually in Nepal for personal use but they can own land for the business purpose through the company. According to the law of Nepal, no land can be gifted or donated to foreign organizations or citizens but foreign investors can also invest in real estate business in Nepal. They can also invest in apartments business.
In the case of NRN (Non-Resident Nepalese), they can buy and sell property in Nepal. They can buy 2 ropanis of land within Kathmandu valley and 8 kattha of land within municipalities of Terai region but they cannot use that land for business purpose and should be used for their personal use only. Government has given limited facilities in real estate to NRN.

In the case of Indian citizens, as per treaty, they can only own apartments in Nepal. They cannot buy individual houses or land in Nepal. They also can invest in real estate business and apartment business.

Things to know before buying the property

Buying real estate is one of the most significant financial decisions you will make in your lifetime.  So you should have knowledge of many aspects before buying property.

1. Be sure 

Be sure about what kind of property you want to buy and about the price you can invest to buy a property. 

2. Use trusted real estate company

Before choosing real estate, one should choose a trusted real estate company. Online real estate companies are the best way to choose real estate which ensures you multiple choices, variation in price. Choosing property online sitting inside a room by using your mobile will save your time as it takes a lot of time to visit the property in real life. You can choose one property to visit so that you can save your valuable time. 

3. Do your own research

You should do your own research before buying a property. It will ensure you about the property. Do your research whether the property you’re going to buy is situated in a location that will attract the type of clients you hope to sell or rent to, that it will reach to the returns you are expecting and that it will appeal to the market.

4. Be ready economically

You should be ready economically before buying a property. Make your balance in the same place if they are in a different bank or financial company. Make sure that you are ready to pay a monthly instalment monthly. If your salary alone is not enough to pay for the instalments, look for alternatives to make enough balance.

5. Choose a suitable loan

If you are planning to take a loan, you should choose a suitable loan so that it will be easy during payment. Different investment loan options come with different benefits, and the best possible option depends on your situation. However, you need to consider features such as which loan option is giving you the freedom to split the credit or if it provides you with the line-of-credit facility. There are different kinds of loans in Nepal regarding real estate. Some of them are given below.

• Purchase of land/house, apartment

• House construction, renovation/extension, refurbishing of an existing house

• Loan takeover of Home Loan already financed by other Bank and Financial Institutions

6. If you are buying it jointly, choose your partners carefully.

Many people want to have a partnership with their friends instead of taking out a loan. If so, you should choose your partners carefully. Choose trustful and comfortable partners so that it will be easy to handle all the situations in the future. 

Have you already bought your own real estate? If not yet, you can always choose your property on If you are looking for a loan, find a suitable loan here.

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