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5 Ways On How You Can Use Patterns

5 Ways On How You Can Use Patterns

One of the most trick design to play around with is patterns. They can be pretty, but they can be quite hard to be applied in the designing scene. One must be careful and not go overboard with it. Here are our 5 ways you can use patterns in your home.


The easiest and the most feasible way to use patterns. You can choose from different patterns available according to the décor of your room. Rugs with patterns are mostly advised to be used in your sitting area.


Either bathroom or kitchen, patterned tiles can make a huge difference in the look and feel of the room. A bathroom doesn’t necessarily be covered with tiles all around, some spaces can use paint that compliments the pattern.

Wall Papers

When it comes to walls, you either paint it solid or with images, or you use wall papers! With varieties of styles and patterns available, one must be careful and not be carried away. The furniture already available needs to be kept in mind to suit the theme and style of the wall paper.

Wall Art

This style can be a bit hard to commit. If you’re really sure about the pattern done, then it’s not a problem. But after some period of time, one stops liking the pattern, it’s not as easy to remove or tear down as a wall paper.


Okay a furniture with pattern can be a little too much to digest for some, but it can totally be used. Use such unique pieces as the center piece for your room.


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